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for residential students

Our School is providing hostel facility to the male and female students. The Boys’ Hostel has around 400 seats capacity in total and the Girls’ Hostel has around 300 seats capacity in total. Food and Lodging is arranged by the Hostel. In the month of Feb/Jan, generally the admission in the School is made. The food being served at the hostel is prepared from products locally procured in a hygienic, sanitized, clean and modern kitchen.

 Mental and physical well-being of the inmates. On call medical facility in the School hostel is available. There are separate hostels for male and female students with each being supervised by male and female wardens respectively. The following are the addresses of the male and female hostels for inspection by the inmates/students intending to be a part of it.


Dear Parents,

This is to notify that all our Boarder Parents/ Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respect. Any changes in the school rules from time to time by school management for the better functioning of the hostel are bound to be accepted and followed by parents. “Parents should carry out their responsibilities as educators in instilling in their childrenrespect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations”


1. School Calendar is shared with every parent in the beginning of the session, hence parents are requested to plan your holidays accordingly.
2. The students can be taken home during summer vacation and other long holidays on the given dates only and not at any times for the benefit of the child’s education and the school’s discipline. The parents will be required to bring back the students after vacations on the given dates, without fail.
3. No leave will be granted to the hostellers to go home for attending any function during school days.
4. Parents/Local Guardians may meet their ward only once a month on Saturday from 2:00pm – 5:00pm or Sunday or a holiday from 11:00am – 5:00pm so that the routine is not disturbed.
5. Overnight leave will only be granted on the written request of parent. Phone call request is not allowed.
6. Parents are advised not to visit school after 5:30pm after the school gates are locked.
7. Parents are requested to notify their visit in advance to avoid any confusion. Last minute notification will not be entertained.
8. In order to help a new student to adjust themselves in a new environment, parents/guardians are requested not to visit their ward till one month after the admission.

9. There will be constant medical care of the hostellers in the hostel but in case of frequent /long illness the child shall be sent back home till he/she gets cured.
10. For ordinary ailments parents are not informed. If a student is admitted to the hospital, information will be sent to the guardians.
11. The parents will authorize the school to take necessary action on their behalf in case of emergency/illness or any other such condition where their permission is needed but cannot be sought in time.
12. Separate Tuition will be arranged in the school campus itself for the once opting for it.
13. Boarder Parents are requested to attend all the PTM’s regularly to discuss the
performance and progress of your child with the teachers.
14. Costly ornaments, cameras, watches, cell phones etc. must not be provided to the students. The school will not hold responsibility for the items being lost or damaged.
15. In case of any misconduct of the student he/she will be expelled from the Hostel and School.
16. Food parcels from Parents/Guardians are not encouraged. In case any parents sends food articles to any boarder they will be distributed among other boarders.
17. Junk food is not permitted in the hostel therefore parents please do not bring in food items other than biscuits/small fruit cakes, home-made snacks and health drinks such as Horlicks /Bournevita etc. and avoid Kurkure, Chips, Titoura etc. which can be a health hazard esp. as they contain MSG.
18. Students bringing in tucks must bring a separate small tuck box with lock and key.
19. Dormitories are strict “Out of Bounds” for Parents and Visitors at all times except in the beginning of the new Academic Session.
20. The school to be intimated immediately if there is any change of correspondence and contact numbers.
21. Students are not allowed to keep cash with them. Any unauthorized money found with students will be confiscated.
22. Parents are advised to deposit the fees either in the Bank or the accounts office only.

1. Phone call will now be allowed on the student’s personal phone/School phone on Sunday from 2:00pm – 3:00pm .
2. Parents can make calls if necessary and for emergency purpose to the Warden/Matron after 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Mr Sanir Rai (Warden) – 9800391333

Ms Chidung Tamang (Matron) – 8250114052

3. In case of emergency on week days Parents may contact the Admin staff or the School Phone between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Mr Dinchen Yonzon (Admin) – 7031155706
School Number -8597359666


4. Children must leave school in full uniform and must return in the same.
5. Only two pairs of extra casual clothes to be sent to the hostel. The students are to wear school and hostel uniform inside the school premises at all times.
6. All school uniforms will be sent home during the Summer Break. Parents are to label the clothes before bringing it back after the Break. School will not be responsible for clothes which are not labelled.
7. All inner wear and other personal items must also be tagged and labelled properly.
8. Two pairs of black shoes, two pairs of white canvas shoes must be brought for
school wear (mandatory)
9. An extra pair of sneakers/football shoes may also be brought.(optional)



Rules for Visiting Parents/ Guardians 

   The school takes seriously its task to ensure the safety and security of its students. There is a 24 hour vigil around the campus. The hostel doors are kept shut between 09:30 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. Only parents and authorized guardians may meet their children during visiting hours. Regular visits, excursions, outings and shopping tours are organised for boarders on weekends. 







  A. Parents and Guardians may visit their children at the time of Visiting Weekend 

B. It is advisable to inform the school a day in advance regarding the visit so that the student may be left excused from any activity or visit planned by the school.  

C. Due to security reasons, only parents/ guardians whose photographs are kept in an authorized register at the hostel are permitted to visit the students and take them on long weekends. Therefore parents are requested to hand over their photographs and that of their authorised guardians to the school office, if they haven’t done so.   E. No visitors are permitted to enter or stay inside the campus. Food Articles 

 D. Parents may provide small quantities of biscuits, chocolates and fruits to their children.   B. No soft drinks, fast foods, spicy chips and snacks are permitted. 

E. Care should be taken not to provide excess quantity of food stuff as this encourages the children to avoid their regular meals. Telephone Calls 

Parents/ guardians may call their children on phone between as per schedule below:   1. SATURDAY FROM – 01.00 P.M. TO 4.00 P.M.    2. SUNDAY FROM – 10.00 A.M. TO 4.00 P.M.  Duration of call is to be limited to five minutes only, to allow other students to receive calls. 


Other Rules 

  1. Students are permitted to go out with their parents/ guardians on long weekend  

2. Students will be called to the reception area to meet their parents. Parents may not enter the students’ rooms except when leaving their children first time during admissions and after school vacations. 

3. Parents/ guardians may not stay longer than 7:00 pm in the boarding/ school premises. In case they are likely to be delayed in dropping their children, they must take prior permission of Principal / Director. In all cases, hostel gates will close at 9.30 pm and no entry or exit is permitted after that.   4. Students must NOT bring to the Boarding drugs of any type, tobacco in any form or alcohol. 

5. Students must NOT keep with them a laptop, a mobile, an Ipod, expensive jewellery, other expensive items, a motorized vehicle or firearms and explosives. 

6. Dress Code Students must wear their Uniforms during school hours, school trips and official gatherings and whenever they are told to do so. After school hours and on weekends they may change into sports dress. Spaghetti straps and short skirts are not permitted. Students are expected to be modest and presentable when they wear casual clothes. Long hair is not permitted for boys; hair must not touch the collar. Girls with long hair must have it neatly tied back during school hours. Hair styles should not be bizarre, nor coloured (blue, green, yellow, pink). Girls may wear small neat earrings. Bangles and rings should not be worn during school hours. No body piercing is allowed. No makeup of any sort is allowed – mascara, foundation, ruse, lipstick, lip-gloss, nail polish, perfumes (except body deodorant) are strictly prohibited. 

7. Pocket Money Boarders will deposit Rs. 2000/- with the school at the beginning of the session. Out of this amount pocket money of Rs. 200/- per month will be given to the students from the Front Office. Students must n’t keep excess cash with them. Any excess cash is to be deposited in the Front Office. 

8. Cleanliness and Hygiene All students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. For smaller children Boarding Attendants will help in the above work.